Sexy and Useful Android Tablet Apps

Was playing with the tablet and decided to take some screen shots of the best looking, and most useful (to me) apps.

The best looking VLC remote control application for Android. This allows you to control a computer running VLC with it’s http interface enabled. Available on the Market, by Peter Baldwin.

The google music app allows you to store 20,000 songs on the google servers and stream them anytime, as much as you want for free.Available on the Market, by Google.

Although the Android app Plex is not free, the server component is, and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Plex allows you to host your own ‘Netflix’ type service from your own media files on your network.

PocketCloud by Wyse Technology, gives you access to Windows RDP Servers, VNC Servers and VMWare View servers from your tablet. Great for admins. Non-Pro is free but limits amount of saved connections.

The Droid MPD Client HD allows you to control your MPD (music player daemon) over the network. I just wish the author would fix the huge white annoying background for your songs list to something that resembles the VLC app above. When that happens, I will gladly purchase the pro version.

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Home Media Server Changed

Well I have moved away from a small desktop running VLC and outputting to a S-Video into a Channel Injector, then to all the TVs in the house.

I have since moved to running VLC as a web-server stream running in a VM, waiting for connections from clients on port 8081, and running the VLC HTTP interface on 8080. Clients are small computers or thin clients that connect to port 8081 on the VM running VLC and are streamed the same content no matter what client.

I tried to setup and run VLC using command line parameters, running in a Windows VM at the moment, and VLC was not having any of that custom stuff. It just would not work, so I was digging around and in the advanced settings I was able to force a ‘Default stream output chain’ and I set it to:


I setup a drive mapping and just play the media from the file server and it streams just fine. Clients boot up at a specific time set in the BIOS, connect to the server, and then shutdown via a scheduled task at another specific time.

I can then control the VLC server and all VLC clients using the Android application, or using any web browser. Although I find it more entertaining to let it play forever and randomly through a very large playlist.

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