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Installing Progress 9.1E on CentOS 5.2

We are testing moving our primary application from an AIX Power platform to the Intel x64 platform. Currently we have a Progress 9.1E running on AIX 5.2 and want to run it on Linux, as the higher-ups’ don’t want to continue support for the Power platform which is sad because AIX is actually pretty nice. Progress only supports running 9.1E on RedHat Enterprise Linux AS2.1, 3.0, 4.0, SuSE Enterprise Server 8, 9, and TurboLinux Server 8 so they do not support this configuration.

As I help get this all setup, I’m going to try and post as many details as I can here to possibly help others.

CHMOD Helper

Sometimes you need a quick visual example of things to keep moving, sometimes it’s an example of a ‘chmod’ value.

Found this quick and dirty little script: http://www.weijers.net/unix/chmod.php

Cron Tab Syntax

Just a small, simple image I found that might help others with the crontab syntax in a quickie.

You can find his site here: http://blog.linuxvin.com/?p=156

pfSense 2.0 Features and Beta Release

A work in progress list of 2.0 new features and changes is available. I think that has most of the changes, but it’s definitely missing some. If you notice anything that was missed, please leave a comment. We’ll be adding to it as we review the list more in the coming days.

A beta of 2.0 is available from the pfSense download page

Kill all processes not root or daemon

for p in $(ps -ef|tail +2|grep -v root|grep -v daemon|awk '{print $2}'); do
  kill -1 ${p}

Drop in a KSH script and run anytime you want to send a kill -1 to all processes that are not owned by root or running under daemon.

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