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Second Contest Started

Next contest is starting July 1. Points will be awarded by playing games on the BBS. Additional points will be awarded by sending me Archaic Binary BBS related content (Screenshots, Recorded BBS Sessions (youtube and such playing door games and generally using the system). Send content to me via Facebook, Email, IRC, Discord, Twitter, Website.

The prize this month is a NetGear GS728TP – ProSAFE 24-port 1000base-T Gigabit PoE Smart Switch.

Logging in awards one point per day.
All local doors award points (one point per door per day).
Viewing/Posting on the wall (oneliners) gives a single point a day.
Logging into external door networks (Exodus, DoorParty, BBSLink).
Send me Archaic Binary BBS related material (screenshots, youtube recordings, anything!)

Just do everything you can in a single call and your points will increase day by day.

Note that I can only ship prizes to continental United States addresses only!

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Ambroshia Reset

Ambroshia has been force reset. The data files exploded in size and the game would no longer run maintenance or continue its’ per day routines. The game was running solid for almost four years without a reset.

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ArchaicNET Beta Open

ArchaicNET is now in beta status. I would like any willing Sysops to add the service to their BBSes and give it a shot. Please provide feedback, comments and suggestions below or via the contact form. You can get more information about the service by viewing the dedicated information page on the top menu.

All BBSes are accepted no matter the theme or existing content. Some simple rules are on the information page, and are available on the service when connecting.

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IRC Server Started

I have stood up an IRC server that the BBS links into as well as our Discord channel [https://discord.gg/FzYrQje]. There are many IRC servers around that I could have used, but because I would like more people to access the BBS using SSH, along with 2FA I figured it would be fitting to have a more secure IRC server setup in the network. Since other servers could be logging information, and I want to keep all the users as secure as I can when using my systems. As well as provide easy to access services spread across other networks that are more widely used.

The IRC server is also using properly signed SSL certificates (nothing wrong with self-signed but it’s a better public face) and will only accept connections over TLS-SSL enabled port 6697. Please check the BBS Information page on the top menu to get more information.

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BBS Changes & Contest Info

The contest is over and we have a winner. I will be contacting them shortly.

I have also made changes to the BBS interface and will be slowly going over and patching up a few parts that don’t fit the new styles. There might be a few parts that are unfinished.

– Redesigned 2FA system.
– All menus are re-skinned.
– Tools are re-skinned and fixed.
– Sub menus and arrow navigation implemented.
– File browsing should not interfere with bottom bar now.
– Few prompts have been updated.
– Chat room added.
– IRC and Discord chats are now linked.
– IRC and Discord bots work together.

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