I would like to thank all those who have donated in the past and all that provided their bug reports and help. Sadly I am playing Rift much less and working much more. I do not have the time to continue.

As promised when I started I have attached the source code used. Please note that you will need to modify the source code to reflect game changes and such. I would no longer consider it production worthy!

C# Parser Source Code
PHP HTML Frontend
SQL Schema

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Automatic Rift Scratch Off

Rift (http://www.riftgame.com) is an MMO that is fairly dynamic. I play every now and then, and I have an Android phone. Trion offers a neat mobile application that allows you to talk to your guild, friends, and play some scratch off games. You get a max total of six game credits, and as you use them they regenerate at the rate of one per hour.

It is a little fun while away from the game, and you get some small loot that gets delivered to your mailbox in game.

Playing around I made a small C# client that plays the games for you. It’s not a way to cheat, because you really cannot. But it will make it so you do not miss out when you hit your max of six points and cannot gain anymore like when you are sleeping.

This program plays whichever game you choose for it to play for you, at the rate of one every ten minutes. If none are available, it will just skip. Trion really has already lowered the rate that you can win at, I have noticed a very large drop in winnings after the last patch. This will help you always use your available points.

This program is really just an example project. It was made as a proof of concept as I am doing some C# web data clients for work. It is a console program and NOT all that easy to use as you will need to know some strings that you can only get from HTTP decoding the streams from your phone.

The strings you need are:

Character ID – This is a large string of numbers that identify your character.

Session ID – This is another string of numbers and letters that you are given AFTER you login with the Android client.

This program really just continues the session your phone created with your login credentials. Trion is using (for Android) the google authentication service with Device IDs so I cannot offer a login form with player name and such. Sorry.

Features include:

Playing any of the three games.
Automatically replaying on a replay win.
Automatically replaying on a replay win of a replay win.

Source code is also available, it’s not a secret. I’m sure this has been done. No it’s not easy. No you cannot cheat with this. Yes it will help you use the points you already have more efficiently. No it will not always win for you.

Program: RiftScratch.exe
Source: RiftScratch.zip

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