Interface Screens

Main Screen:

The -1 on each side is because there is no current song playing, the numbers would represent played and total song lengths.

Navigation Screen:

I need to work on skinning MapMonkey.

Diag Screen:

Car was not running for these, so the navigation and the diag information is incorrect in the shots.

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Lilliput Wiring Diagrams

Any information you would ever need on the Lilliput Touchscreen Monitors:

I snipped off the connection ends on my Lilliput 619 Touchscreen. Connecting the wires back up and found out that it did not work, since the connector changes the wires internally.

The information I needed was:
* Connect Orange to Blue, and Blue to Orange.
* Connect Brown to Purple, and Purple to Brown.
* Green and ground are correct.
* All touch wires are also correct.

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