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Sonerezh Album Covers

Sonerezh is a self-hosted music streaming platform that is still fairly young. It works very well, until I recently updated to PHP7. I had to manually update the CakePHP libraries that came with it to get past a error “String is a built in function”. After I fixed that error, I decided to try and get the album cover images working.

By default Sonerezh pulls the album covers from the mp3 files themselves via the ID3 info, but I don’t keep those tags when I clean my mp3 files up I have the album art stored as ‘folder.jpg’ in the album folder itself. So I started to dig around and came up with a simple solution that works for me.

Edit the file SongsController.php inside the app/Controllers folder. Around line 93 or so it starts with pulling the photos out of the ID3 information. I added a new section and commented out the old, as displayed below:

if (!empty($songInfo['comments']['genre'])) { $genre_array_length = count($songInfo['comments']['genre']); $newSong['genre'] = $songInfo['comments']['genre'][$genre_array_length - 1]; } $extension = 'jpg'; $name = md5($newSong['artist'].$newSong['album']); $path = IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR.DS.$name.'.'.$extension; if (!file_exists($path)) { if (!file_exists(IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR)) { new Folder(IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR, true, 0777); } if (copy("/ path here.../".$newSong['artist']."/folder.jpg", $path)) { $newSong['cover'] = $name.'.'.$extension; } } /* if (isset($songInfo['comments']['picture'])) { if (isset($songInfo['comments']['picture'][0]['image_mime'])) { $mime = preg_split('/\//', $songInfo['comments']['picture'][0]['image_mime']); $extension = $mime[1]; } else { $extension = 'jpg'; } $name = md5($newSong['artist'].$newSong['album']); $path = IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR.DS.$name.'.'.$extension; if (!file_exists($path)) { if (!file_exists(IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR)) { new Folder(IMAGES.THUMBNAILS_DIR, true, 0777); } $file = fopen($path, "w"); fwrite($file, $songInfo['comments']['picture'][0]['data']); fclose($file); } $newSong['cover'] = $name.'.'.$extension; } */ } if (!isset($newSong['title'])) {
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Sexy and Useful Android Tablet Apps

Was playing with the tablet and decided to take some screen shots of the best looking, and most useful (to me) apps.

The best looking VLC remote control application for Android. This allows you to control a computer running VLC with it’s http interface enabled. Available on the Market, by Peter Baldwin.

The google music app allows you to store 20,000 songs on the google servers and stream them anytime, as much as you want for free.Available on the Market, by Google.

Although the Android app Plex is not free, the server component is, and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Plex allows you to host your own ‘Netflix’ type service from your own media files on your network.

PocketCloud by Wyse Technology, gives you access to Windows RDP Servers, VNC Servers and VMWare View servers from your tablet. Great for admins. Non-Pro is free but limits amount of saved connections.

The Droid MPD Client HD allows you to control your MPD (music player daemon) over the network. I just wish the author would fix the huge white annoying background for your songs list to something that resembles the VLC app above. When that happens, I will gladly purchase the pro version.

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