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All services are running as normal.

IPv4 access was restored from provider.

IPv6 access is now restored for Telnet, SSH (BBS and File Areas), and BinkP.

There is currently no major planned downtime.



HTC Evo X64 Driver

This is the driver you will need if you want to connect your HTC EVO or other HTC devices to a computer running Windows Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64.

You will need this if you want to root it manually as well.

HTC EVO x64 Driver

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Android Notifier

Simple Windows program I created really quick in VB6 that will accept simple messages from the Android running the ‘android-notifier‘ application.

Since the author has not written a Windows application yet, I made this small ghetto client to hold off some at the office, and use the code in the CarputerGTP project.

Android-Notifier Popup ExampleAttached is the program itself, the source code for any interested, and the Microsoft Winsock component. You must place the MSWINSCK.OCX file in your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Android-Notifier (Program Only) | Android-Notifier (Source Code) | MSWINSCK.ZIP (Winsock Component)

On the android, connect to the wireless network, and choose a custom IP. Key in the IP of the machine running this program. Done.

At the moment I only have it displaying tooltip popups for PING (Testing connection packets), SMS (Test Messages), and RING (Incoming calls).

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