Hacking Barracuda Spyware Firewall

This is not an article on how to hack into this unit remotely. This will probably void any warranty, or contracts that you hold with Barracuda. The unit I worked on was dead, not physically, but the software on the drive was shot, even the recovery partition loaded from Barracuda would not boot correctly.

Unit: Barracuda Spyware Firewall 210
Hack Type: BIOS Password

Results: Success
Password: 322232 (If that does not work try, 000100 or 32020000 or 3321)

Hope it helps others attempting this.

After Hack: I have successfully installed Archlinux on this 1U server. I do not like the fact of having two Ethernet ports on the front of the server, and one in the back. But I will only use the rear port anyway.

Ethernet Front: eth0 and eth1
Ethernet Rear: eth2

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m0n0wall on an Watchguard Firebox III

Most of the setup is similar to the Watchguard Firebox II except some hardware differences. The PCI slot is on its side, you will have to raise the board out of the case to perform this, if your video card is too large. I used the same video card as the Firebox II, an S3.

Also the keyboard header has changed, after some playing around, here is the pinout!

WG Keyboard Pin 1: PS/2 Header Data
WG Keyboard Pin 2: PS/2 Ground
WG Keyboard Pin 3: PS/2 Header +5v (VCC)
WG Keyboard Pin 4: PS/2 Clock Pin

The rest worked like the previous Watchguard, enjoy.

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m0nowall on Watchguard Firebox II

At work today, I got my hands on a old Watchguard Firebox II firewall device. I have always hated the Windows program needed to configure the boxes, and even