Writing 32bit BBS Doors

I got a post on Archaic Binary BBS about how to write a BBS door.

Well I am fairly new to this still, and have only written two small 32bit BBS doors that I use on my own system.

Firstly I used a copy of Rick Parrish’s RMLib to write them, it’s not a very complete SDK or anything but it does give the basic IO functions we need for communication over the socket connection.

Then you need a IDE for C#. I suppose one of the best is Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012 C# Express. It’s free and the project files worked for me.

If you can write in C# then you should be fine.

I have also attached the source code for a little door to help you. Remember my File Download door also comes with source you can check out.

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Archaic Binary BBS

Still up and running!
Just a status report.

Moved both servers (all nodes) to use NFS instead of Samba mapped drive in Windows 2000. Moved entire database and files to NAS. I’ll be looking for problems with this setup for the next few days. This change should fix nodes 2 and 4 from the massive slowdowns they receive when pulling the data over the network from the server containing nodes 1 and 3. All servers pull from a central NFS server now, and all seem equally responsive.

Current message networks include: Local, Fidonet, Scinet, Agoranet, Micronet, DOVEnet and AdventureNET.

Current door games include: Arrow Bridge, Arrow Bridge II, Barren Realms Elite, Darklands, Darkness, Dog World II, DoorMUD, Exitilus, Falcon’s Eye, Falcon’s Honor, Kannons ‘N Katapults, LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon), LORD (4.08 Beta), LORE, NetHack, NetRunner, Trade Wars 2002, Usurper.

League Games: (6) Arrow Bridge II, Barren Realms Elite, Falcon’s Eye, LORD.

Nodes: 4
Users: 75
Conferences: 119
Messages: 8888
File Areas: 15

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Playing RIFT on WINE Crashing Problems

A few patches ago, Rift started becoming very unstable for me while playing in Wine. My current setup, as the post two below this one states, I’m in Archlinux have Wine setup latest version, and I use the Direct3D registry tweaks. I have an Nvidia card as well, and the graphics are setup just fine.

About thirty minutes to an hour playing, random crash. Wine gives no informative information, even running winedbg on the rift.exe process.

I recently found a post on the winehq forums, for RIFT that experienced the same problem, and last night testing found that adding another option to the Direct3D registry tree did indeed fix the problem.

Adding a new string value “StrictDrawOrdering” without quotes and set it to “enabled” again without quotes.

This did slow down my game some, so, I went on to play again with settings and found that I get a very noticeable increase not only in graphics quality and how high I can set them without graphic related slow downs, but also how fast the system was able to load the textures, players, spells around me by using the latest (beta at the time of this writing) nvidia drivers from the ArchLinux AUR.

The links to packages that I used are:

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World of Warcraft Latency

So playing around with some registry and networking settings I was able to lower my latency by about one hundred and fifty by applying this registry tweak.

Go to Start -> Run, type in `regedit` and click OK.

On the left open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> Tcpip -> Parameters -> Interfaces -> (Choose your card here, it will be the only folder that contains the most data in it, that appears on the right). In here right click on the right and make a new `DWORD Value` when you can name it, type in (case is important) `TcpAckFrequency` and press enter, double click it to modify the value and change it to `1` and click OK.

You will need to restart your computer for this change to take effect. If you find that this did not help at all, or messes something else up, just delete the `TcpAckFrequency` DWORD item you added.

Along with this, you can also do another tweak which seemed to help a lot on my Windows machine for in-game latency.

Open Control Panel and then Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connection (or your network adapter) and choose Properties. Near the top you should have a Configure button to the right of the name of your network adapter. Click Configure at the top you should have some tabs, click Advanced and on the left choose the option that is related to Checksum Offloading (you may not have this option, or it may be called something else like TCP/IP Offloading IPv4) and turn this Off. Save your settings and restart the machine.

Let me know if it helps you as well.

Update: I have been looking for a nice PvE community and have not found a good one. So I started working with some friends and have been running Divinities Bane. Still new at the time of this writing but it’s constantly updated and we will not be dealing with whining players and will be focusing on an English speaking audience although it is open to all.

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