I’ve polished up my utility I’m calling HTTPmodem. It’s a file transfer protocol for BBSes. It will allow a Sysop to upload, copy, build HTTP(S) URLs for users to download files from their BBS. You will need a web server of some sort to serve the files, and a 32-bit DOOR32.SYS BBS system.

“Do you run a BBS and have file transfer options available to users? Do you have issues with X/Y/Z modem protocols? Are your users confused by these protocols because they just don’t know them?”

“When added to your BBS as a file transfer protocol option, the users will be able to get HTTP(S) links instead of the archaic X/Y/Z modem protocol offerings.”

“With a good telnet/ssh client or the fTelnet HTML5 applet users can copy/paste or in the case of fTelnet just CLICK on the URL and the file can be downloaded!”

It can use SFTP, Jirafeau, URL Rewrite (fixed httpd served location URL+File Name), or File Copy (copy file to httpd served location).

It supports URL shortening services, Archaic.Link (my free service), TinyURL, and

It can spit out a file transfer successful dummy DSZ style log that some BBS software needs to avoid some logging errors.

It can give the Sysop/Users the ability to email themselves a list of the flagged/batched files and URLs to download them using a SMTP server. (More support will come soon for sending these emails).

Almost all strings are able to be customized so you can word things your way for your board.

Please check the readme.txt file inside archive for more information.

Should note this will probably only help the Windows BBS Sysops, (written in .net 3.5) but I will publish source on my site if somebody wishes to port it.

Fully tested with Mystic and with my custom coded system. Should work with Synchronet as it does the same calls for FTPs.
Libraries included:, WinSCP, RMLib.


You can demo it on Archaic Binary ( Go to the files area, use the index to find a file, flag it with [space]. Return to the file menu and download.

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32bit File Download BBS Door

I have been looking around for a file transfer door, that is 32bit compatible and can utilize a 32bit file transfer protocol instead of relying on old DSZ 16bit programs to send files over YModem and ZModem.

Without much luck I took the RMLib and developed a very simple door program for 32bit BBSs’ that lets users download files. It’s a very simple interface, using XML as a storage medium for filenames and descriptions. Then passes all the information needed to transfer the file to Synchronets’ SEXYZ.EXE program since it’s able to transfer files using X/Y/ZModem and it’s already 32bit.

Still needs work, and I’m adding and cleaning it up still but you can grab a copy of the source and program if you want to do something similar with your BBS.

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