Playing RIFT on WINE Crashing Problems

A few patches ago, Rift started becoming very unstable for me while playing in Wine. My current setup, as the post two below this one states, I’m in Archlinux have Wine setup latest version, and I use the Direct3D registry tweaks. I have an Nvidia card as well, and the graphics are setup just fine.

About thirty minutes to an hour playing, random crash. Wine gives no informative information, even running winedbg on the rift.exe process.

I recently found a post on the winehq forums, for RIFT that experienced the same problem, and last night testing found that adding another option to the Direct3D registry tree did indeed fix the problem.

Adding a new string value “StrictDrawOrdering” without quotes and set it to “enabled” again without quotes.

This did slow down my game some, so, I went on to play again with settings and found that I get a very noticeable increase not only in graphics quality and how high I can set them without graphic related slow downs, but also how fast the system was able to load the textures, players, spells around me by using the latest (beta at the time of this writing) nvidia drivers from the ArchLinux AUR.

The links to packages that I used are:

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Verizon / Pantech UM150 Driver

Seems a lot of people were happy when I posted the Pantech UM175 driver on the website because of Verizon’s mindset. Well I was setting up another card yesterday afternoon and this was a UM150. Well this time I had the CD and decided to just zip the files up and post on the site here.

If the driver helps you, please take the time to leave a quick comment. Thanks.

I can no longer handle the file bandwidth load these two drivers require, but from visitors comments, I have tested and the phone number 000-000-0000 does work to download the drivers. You can find them all on

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Verizon / Pantech UM175 Driver

So I was asked to visit the CEOs house today to work on a small network problem and get her printer up and running and such. After all this was done, she brings me her son\’s laptop with a Verizon USB Cellular Modem and asks if I can install it for her. I have no real problem doing this so I load up the laptop and it has the software already installed! Alright, so I execute the software and it asks me to plug in the device, I do so and then it asks for a driver.

…What? Alright the software was installed, but there is no driver? Fine. I visit Google, type in Verizon UM175 Driver and all I get are shitty websites trying to get me to buy something, fill out my email, put in a credit card number to download the driver. Hm, no.

Well I come to find out that you can only get this driver directly from Verizon’s Website. Fine. I visit, search for UM175 and it comes up. I click to download and it asks my Operating System, USB or PCMCIA, and then it asks for the Cell Phone number of the card. Why? I just need the fucking driver. So I have to call up the corporate office and speak to our telecommunications guy, I give him the serial and he looks everything up and gives me the phone number, which was nowhere to be found on the USB modem itself.

So I put in the number and the driver downloads and that’s really all, it works fine. My point is, why is it so difficult to get a driver for this device? Phone number to download? Why, do you need to make sure it’s your card to get this generic driver? Odd since even Pantech’s website does not have the driver. Anyway, just to piss anyone off at Verizon or Pantech I have the driver available to anyone here, hopefully you will find this site before you dig around and have to call for help.

I have since removed the driver from my website, too many people needing it, and I didn’t need the overhead bandwidth. You can find it here:

When asked for the phone number of your device, enter 000-000-0000.

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