Running BBS in DOSBox

During all of my testing running a full BBS inside DOSBox I have had to test many different compilations. Take note that I am running virtual modem software that adds virtual modems to Windows and then DOSBox just does a directserial pass-thru. Also, I am running real DOS 6.22 inside the DOSBox as a real OS, using DOSBox as just the PC emulator.

At first I tried using the normal DOSBox installation, and it did not have network card support to allow DOS to connect to a file server. Without network card emulation, I could not run multiple copies of DOSBox and TriBBS over the network for each node. So this one is out.

I then tried H-A-L 9000’s DOSBox build. This build worked great, networking support and everything ran fine…sorta. HAL9000’s build does not have the required patches to allow the date and time to be synced to the host machine once the clock rolls over past 24 hours. Instead the time rolls, the date does not. For a BBS, this is a requirement. Damn.

Okay, after some more searching I found the raw source code patch but I didn’t feel like building my own DOSBox at the moment, unless I had to.

I then found Taewoong Daum SVN DOSBox builds. He has all of the HAL 9000 patches as well as a date roll over patch that works very well.

After using the Taewoong build, I had DOSBox running TriBBS great. So far stability has been awesome, the machines run very fast, and I am running four nodes on the same ESXi virtual machine.

If your looking for a DOSBox build that has a nice list of patched features try the Taewoong build.

Update: The Taewoong build provides NE2000 network card support and following some information on should get you moving in the right direction for DOS networking.