Ambroshia Reset

Ambroshia has been force reset. The data files exploded in size and the game would no longer run maintenance or continue its’ per day routines. The game was running solid for almost four years without a reset.

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‘The Pit’ fTelnet Problem

It was reported to me that the door game ‘The Pit’ has an issue when loaded from the browser/website/WSS/fTelnet.

After running for the first time, you will be asked if you can see colors and you answer yes. Then it will seem to freeze. The game is actually asking you to press Y or N if you heard ANSI music. There is some bug in fTelnet that when it gets a ANSI music note it bugs.

If you press ‘N’ the game will continue. I am looking for a fix and will implement soon as possible.

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Door Game Resets

On May 1st I will reset many of the locally ran door games running on Archaic Binary.

The following games will be reset:
Arrow Bridge
Arrow Bridge II

The following games will not be reset:
Dungeon Master (All Modules)
Games on BBSLink, Exodus, Valhalla TW, DoorParty, and CombatNET.

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C# DOOR32.SYS BBSLink Client

If you have heard of or came across and wanted to add the services door games to your BBS but find that they only offer a javascript file for Synchronet BBSes then this might help you out.

I recently joined and not having a Synchronet BBS I had to make my own client to work with their service. As promised I am also releasing the source.

It is written in C# against .NET 2.0 and *might* work in mono on linux. You will have to test.

Local Binary: BBSLink Door Binaries
Local Source: BBSLink Door Source Code

Update: I made a small change to the dropped carrier handling and disconnections. The door should now handle dropped carrier and exit correctly. Let me know if you have issues.

Update: Removed Github links.

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Telnet BBS

I’ve had some recent inquires about the Telnet BBS I was running a while back. I have setup the server again, and will be taking old school door game requests via the forums or contact page.

I am currently running a copy of LORD (Legend Of the Red Dragon) and a LORD install with Other Places (IGMs) enabled. If you have any suggestions for IGMs that you liked, let me know!

You can connect to the system with any telnet client, but I recommend mTelnet or if you don’t want any more installed software on your system, you can use the Flash client via your web browser. You do not lose any functionality.

The BBS link to your right will take you to the page.

Remember that the telnet protocol is not encrypted, so I recommend that you do not use a password that you have used elsewhere.

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