Little delay

Well the LCD screen looked great in the car, but had some defect from what ByByte was telling me after I shipped it back a few days ago when it would not turn on from the wall adapter. Wrote me an email late last night saying that they shipped me out a new (or repaired with new LCD screen) one. Hopefully will be here shortly, I hate USPS with burning passion though.

ByByte is recommending via their website that I use the small DC regulator that came with the screen to connect to the car itself. Not sure I am going to keep it that way, but I have no choice at the moment. I might pickup a 12v DC-DC power supply that takes in a 12v lead to power on and off the screen and regulate the spikes and dips in voltage. I don’t trust the little LCD power egg to handle it, though this version looks much better then the old LCD power egg that I never used.