Brighthouse Sucks Again

Update: Brighthouse sent out a cable tech and did some work on the lines, I’m currently running more tests to see if that solved the problem.

As usual, Brighthouse has much work to do if they really want to please their Internet customers. Changing and working on network equipment during prime hours (5PM to 10PM) is just wrong in so many ways. I’m not going to keep telling you what I am dealing with but instead I will just post the proof below.

This is a two day graph, between 10AM on April 16th til 10AM on April 17th. The network latency when it is working, is below 20ms for the majority. That is when the packets are not being lost in transit. The red blips on the bottom line are amounts of packet loss.

Here we have a six month graph. Including the data above at the very right, as we put more data into the same size image, you will have to look a little closer to see all the packet loss at the bottom. The time period of this graph is between November 2010 til April 2011.

Update: I have added more graphs below.