Alright, up front I am not a Apple guy I do not use Mac systems. But this is about tech support not about me.

Recently at work one of the newer executives purchased a mac and wishes to use it on our corporate wireless. No problem bring it by and I will take a look.

After trying to setup the 802.1X authentication and continuously failing, I decided to do what I know and Google search for it. I found out it’s a known issue. The site told me to replace the driver, I did and sadly it did not work. So I had to restore that file.

Called the Mac support number since the owner had support, might as well use it. Yeah, it’s about to get funny.

I give them my name, exec’s name and the serial number, and then I start to describe the problem. As first level support he asks the OS version and passes me over to the wireless support. Talking to the wireless guy he directs me to open the Advanced tab, and remove all networks, then click on 802.1X tab at the top and remove all these. I do, and then he tells me to create a new one, name for the network, SSID, Authentication Type, Encryption, Username and then Password. After I click save he then asks if we use any proxy servers and if we can bypass them.


It’s like if I went to oh say, a vehicle mechanic and said my car will not start. He then says, “Alright, put the key in, turn it to accessory, lights come on?” Yes. “Alright, turn it once more, do you hear clicks from the engine?” Yes. “Alright, don’t crank it, turn on the ass warmer, does it work?” ….What?

Yeah, okay. Your asking if I use any proxy servers, you know services that filter HTTP traffic and allow strict filtering from the inside of a network out to another, like the Internet. But, we have not even connected to the wireless network yet. It’s like having the Ethernet cable in your hand and asking if you have an Internet connection yet.

Suffice it to say, we still did not get 802.1X working on that Macbook Pro. I refuse to use plain WEP on any wireless network let alone an enterprise system. I guess I will tell the executive he can bitch out Mac for adding features that just don’t work… Well, at least on this Mac.