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Server Migrate from suPHP to mod_fcgid

I went ahead and migrated the configs on the server from suPHP to mod_fcgid. So far the performance is much better. Pages are loading faster and we are able to use APC again.

The steps were really just installing mod_fcgid, then add a line in the httpd conf, setup the wrapper script and change the vhosts.

There is already tons of information on the subject so I will just point to a few pages to help others…

I don’t use Ubuntu, but it helps to see some steps.

ArchLinux simple install guide

Says Apache 1.X but some information

Not talking about vhosts but some good info

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Apache, PHP, suPHP Problems

Last night if you tried visiting you might have gotten some errors on the site. I upgraded the servers which included a slightly newer version of PHP, Apache, and suPHP.

Everything upgraded fine but websites would not load. After some digging it was apparent that the problem was directly related to the PHP setting open_basedir. I have each virtual host configured to use its own php.ini file and that file was not being used, trying instead to use the default php.ini file in /etc/php. Which of course did not have the correct open_baseidir settings.

For some reason Apache or PHP stopped caring about the lines in my httpd-vhosts.conf file that stated:

SetEnv PHPRC /path/to/specific/php.ini

I could never find out why it was ignoring this line now. But after some research I found another that provides the same thing. Since I am using suPHP I went with the following for each vhost.

suPHP_ConfigPath /path/to/specific/folder/containing/php.ini

It’s a little frustrating that I cannot name the php config files after the vhosts because it wants a folder path without a file name, but it will do for now.

Another site that might help.

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