Project Description


A fantasy game filled with fast paced action, violence and instant death. This game has only one purpose : to give you a good time without the need of reading any lengthy documentation. You can actually enter the game and go berzerk straight away. However, you can consider continuing to read and perhaps learn something that can keep you alive for a while.

You can choose to play as a lonewolf adventurer/warrior who seek gain only for yourself, and care little for anything else. You can also form teams in which you and your comrades fight for each other. In either case you should always concentrate your efforts on the dungeons. It’s in these huge cave areas that your fortune can be made, or your life end… There are over one hundred dungeons stretching from the top of the huge mountain, down to it’s deepest level. It may be said at once that no creature has ever returned from the deeper levels. The ancient legends say that on Durunghins bottom there is a “thing” so powerful that the worlds destiny can be altered with it. But the legends also say that the guardians of this “thing” goes beyond everything your worst nightmares can bring forth… Well, no one has ever reached beyond the magic 90th level–you might be the first. You can take your team with you to the dungeons. It is almost always better to have more than one to face those monsters.

Completing the final challenge at the bottom of the huge mountain will reward you with immortalization in the chronicles. Your name will live forever.

It is important to note that in the dungeons, many strange creatures lurk around. Some will eventually approach you and offer different things. Your response will ultimately lead to either riches or to death…

If you don’t fancy strolling down the dungeons, you can do other things. You can visit the Dormitory, where many of the characters take their rest. You can kick them out of their beds and challenge them for a fight, or perhaps try to murder them while they sleep…

You will always have opponents in this game, not just the monsters you challenge in the dungeons, but also computer controlled characters. These guys are not always nice. Some will try to slain you just for the hell of it! The dungeon monsters, on the other hand, are always there waiting for you.

Team Play

A nice feature of Usurper is the team function. If they wish, players can form gangs/teams and seek their luck together. The gangs can be used to gain control of the town, which in its turn can add income to the members. Controlling the town brings your team money, but remember that everything has a price. Every gang wants to beat the leaders. You don’t just have to worry about other player gangs. There are also computer teams that are waiting just to whip the senses out of you and your comrades. If you don’t trust the other players you can hire in computer characters to fight for your team. Don’t trust them too much though as most of them can be turned when offered the right sum of money… Other teams can at all times challenge the town controllers. Gangfights are mostly short, bloody and dirty. It is recommended that you let your teammates know before you take them out to a street massacre where they risk to lose everything, including their lives.

Teams can also enter the dungeons together. This can be a good way to help fellow members to raise their experience. After a successful battle you can take them to see their levelmaster, and raise their level.

Character Creation

Upon the creation of a new player you will be given the opportunity to choose between different races and classes. This selection is vital to the type of game you will be involved in. First of all, every race and class has different abilities according to strength and defence, but they also have different values when it comes to ‘valor’ and ‘darkness’.

Take a paladin for example. This character is aimed for goodness, and should be played good. That means that you should spare innocent victims, perform quests of valor, and thereby raise your valor. However, the paladin can also be played bad, and perform violent acts such as murder innocent creatures and visit whorehouses. Unfortunately your characters deeds will eventually catch up with him. In the case of the paladin this will cause his soul to darken, and eventually something terrible will happen. But of that I will not discuss anything more here.

If we take another character like the troll, this creature can and should be played bad. To be vicious and commit evil deeds will raise the trolls darkness score, and eventually reward him. But it must be said that you can experiment with different combinations, as none is totally predictable. If you want the ultimate killing machine, consider the choice of Troll as race, and Barbarian as class.

Also remember that every race and class has their own special abilities. The Gnoll has a poisoned bite. The Paladin can at extreme situations use a so called soul-strike, this is a blow where he use some of his hitpoints to create a kind of superblow. The Paladin has this ability due to his strong virtue. In difficult situations he can concentrate this force and use it to achieve maximum performance. However, a good Paladin can achieve greater than a dark paladin. The strike can be used when you want a quick solution in a battle against a stubborn foe, or in a situation where you have little hope to stay alive. The ‘soulblow’ is a VERY risky business though. If you use all your hitpoints in a strike, an enemy can easily defeat you…