Project Description

The Pit

Regal City had a problem. Thieves and vagrants owned the streets, tormenting honest merchants and ambushing visitors. And if that weren’t bad enough, those few honest citizens that could swing swords were teaming up into gangs of vigilantes, adding to the violence.

In a fit of desperation, King Reginald Hornbluff cleared out the dust and debris from the town square and constructed a huge arena. Then, he issued an invitation for the thieves and vigilantes to meet in the town square to settle their differences publicly. This appealed to the egos of both groups; they agreed to appear.

On the night of the big event, the stands were packed with innocent townspeople wanting revenge. King Hornbluff was not a stupid man, he charged the townspeople 3 gold pieces a head to watch the fight and sold sausages and beer at an outrageous markup.

The first battle between the thieves and the vigilantes was bloody, violent, and extremely profitable. So profitable in fact, Hornbluff scheduled a rematch.

As time passed, the duels in the arena became more and more popular. Young men who would have turned to thievery now became gladiators, earning fame, glory, and no small amount of gold.

Hornbluff sent his men to capture monsters from the surrounding territory to challenge these warriors.

Today Regal City is a legend. Warriors come from all around for a chance at honor, glory, and a quick buck. Hornbluff’s Arena, known simply as The Pit, features battles between some of the strangest and most powerful creatures in the land.

Rumor has it that even the Gods themselves will visit to smash foolish mortals wishing to challenge them.

These fights are profitable, but usually very short.

And that’s where you come in: a lowly farmer’s boy ready to seek his fortune in Regal City. You’ve done odd jobs along the way, sweeping stables and tending livestock, and you’ve saved every penny for a sword and armor once you get there.

Maybe one day you’ll become one of the true legends, an Immortal. Or perhaps just a dark spot on the floor to be swept away with the sawdust.

Either way, it’s in your hands.