Project Description


Exitilus was originally coded by a developer named “Tao Ge” in 1996. In 1998, Exitilus was sold to ECI Software. ECI Software released several 3.XX versions of Exitilus, the most popular being 3.17 and the last known version being 3.20 released in 1999. However, not all the areas of the game were fleshed out by ECI Software, and most that are available are significantly different from the 2.XX versions.

As an interesting aside, Tao Ge was famous for not being able to be found. After the sale of Exitilus to ECI, nobody on the entire internet has been able to find him, and nobody seems to know who he really was – not even ECI Software!

In researching ECI Software, they seem to have gone out of business and lost the rights to their domain name shortly after May 20, 2002. At that point, the domain name turned into a parked site featuring advertisements for lewd sex sites among other things. Currently the ECI Software website simply brings up a page that says “Note: We do not produce video games. We provide software to web developers.”

After Exitilus’s last known release in 1999, the game apparently fell into disrepair, losing funding and support from the mother company.