Project Description

Dungeon Master

On-Line RPG – breaks the high-speed barrier with SOLID 3-D ANSI polygon dungeons, awesome ANSI graphics, and sound. Visually face opponents with this power-packed online game environment complete with three pre-built adventures.

  • Comes complete with a collection of pre-made game modules ready for play. Many more are currently available!
  • 3-D ANSI SOLID polygon map/dungeon display. Dungeons, cities, forests come alive, displayed as you would see them.
  • ANSI display of monsters, stairways, other players, objects, and more. Encounter something and see it, not read about it.
  • ANSI music and sound effects.
  • Player specific spell learning.
  • Windowing, easy-to-use, player and sysop interface.
  • Run up to 255 different game modules utilizing only one copy of the game executable.
  • Multiple opponent groups of multiple opponents.
  • Characters can have physical ailments including poisoning, insanity, paralysis, etc.
  • Running inventory for all items sold to equipment shoppes.
  • Items can and may be cursed.
  • Capability to view item characteristics based on character intelligence.
  • Local play capabilities wihtout a BBS dropfile.
  • Tournament mode to allow only certain individuals in game modules to see who really is ‘the best.’
  • Ability for players to use items at nearly any time.
  • Multiple attacks as characters increases in level.
  • Auto-dungeon mapping.
  • Split-screen, sysop to player chat mode

The Dungeon Master Environment is unlike any other Door Game! With “Solid” 3D Ansi Graphics and Ansi Sound you actually View the “World” around you with some of the Best ANSI Graphic Images around. You will also “hear” your weapons strike the monsters, spells being cast, music, etc., etc . (Most terminals support the ANSI Sound and a Sound Card isn’t required… there is also a sound toggle if you don’t wish to have sound). You will View Images of your character, weapons, armour, the creatures and characters you encounter. There is also an auto-mapping feature that records the areas you have been to and any special features the module maker wishes to reveal.

Using a First Person perspective (not unlike many popular 3D platform games) you’ll be able to walk (or run) through many different types of worlds. Depending upon what the individual module offers, it can be filled with anything from lots of hack and slash fun, simple or difficult puzzles to solve, or even a laugh riot of ridiculous scenarios…

There is also extensive Online in Game HELP available at anytime simply by pressing or . It is also set-up so when you start a game the DM Players Guide can be downloaded from within the door and if the Module maker has created a specific guide for his\her module it is available for download from within the game also simply by pressing .