Project Description

Arrow Bridge II

It has been five thousand years since the Orb of Tabian was reclaimed on behalf of the kingdom. During most of this period, the settlements thrived and the people rejoiced.

However, one hundred and fifty years ago, Zombre Bryan, the evil sorcerer re-appeared. His ghostly figure commanded armies of black orcs and undead creatures that swarmed down upon the land. All the armies of the people, along with the castles, were destroyed by Zombre in his attempt to recover the Orb of Tabian.

The dark armies marched on to the land of Kraete, destroying all in their path. They finally reached the tower of the Wizard Merxon, the keeper of the Orb, high in the Kraete alps. Merxon fought using all of his magical power, but the invaders of darkness were too strong. In a last desperate attempt, Merxon was forced to break the mystical creation in seven pieces to prevent it from being captured. He commanded the great hawks of the land to hide these fragments so that the power of the Orb could never be used again.


Recently, Zombre launched a new campaign to recover the seven Orb fragments. From within the depths of his fortress, he created seven creatures of darkness, Death Guardians, who now roam the new landscape searching for the fragments. His grand armies of orcs have been disbanded, but their remnants still remain on the mainland.

The Wizard Merxon has sent out a desperate plea to all adventurers to stand up against the orc armies and recover the Orb fragments for the good of all the people of Arrowbridge. If Zombre were to reconstruct the Orb, then darkness would surely reign on the land forever.