Project Description

Arrow Bridge: The Quest for the Orb

Arrowbridge is a game based on Dungeons & Dragons but is far simpler, and at the same time far more complicated. The game is designed to be as realistic as possible without making it unplayable. The most enjoyable aspect of the game is the ability to compete with up to one hundred other REAL players and other Bulletin Board Systems. Players that sleep in the wilderness can be encountered by live players and the program will act on their behalf. The game can be played instantly by beginners as it is very simple for low level players and particularly easy to play even if the user has never played any form of role playing game. Once a player has reached higher levels the game becomes particularly complex as players have to juggle armies, castles, groups, taxation, assassins, and many other features. All in all, there is something for everyone!

Five thousand years ago an evil wizard named Zombre Bryan dominated the land. This barbaric ruler was thought to have been incarnated by Lucifer himself. His great powers caused lakes and rivers to dry up, crops died and the land became totally infertile. Over three quarters of the villagers perished in less than four years and his great armies murdered those who would not (and could not) pay their excessively high taxes.

Prince Tabian, son of the murdered king, formed an army of lawless resolutes, which, with the aid of the mystic orb created by the wizard Merxon, finally became known as the Legion of Arrowbridge. The Legion hunted the armies of Zombre Bryan for several decades and finally destroyed his empire. The evil wizard disappeared a few months prior to his armies’ extinction and has never been seen again.

Recently, there has been renewed interest in the realms of Arrowbridge by the forces of evil. Mystics all over the land report evidence of increasing evil presence. The Orb of Tabian also, has been missing for over one thousand years and there is growing concern that its mighty power may cause the destruction of all that reside in the land if it is discovered. A call has gone out by the wizard Merxon for a champion to rid the land of the evil invaders and reclaim the lost Orb!
Character Classes

There are four classes available to thee. The capabilities of each class are shown below:


Best Weapon: Two-Handed Sword
Best Projectile: Crossbow
Best Armour: Full Plate
Best Shield: God

Moves Per Day: Standard

Strength – A Knight is the strongest character class. A Knight will inflict more damage per hit in combat, have a higher maximum health point count, and will be able to carry more equipment than other class of similar level and will defend more effectively.
Powerblow – A Knight will be able to use a special ability called the Powerblow once every (20-level) combat rounds. When an enemy is struck with a Powerblow, double damage will be inflicted.
Army Command – A Knight will receive a 15% bonus on the strength of any army that they command.

Class: THIEF

Best Weapon : Short-sword Best Projectile : Crossbow
Best Armour : Ring Mail Best Shield : Small

Moves Per Day : (1+level/20) times that of other classes

Special Abilities –

Concealment – Thieves will not be visible to other players when travelling
in the wilderness unless accompanied by an army.

Perception – Thieves will be able to use their acute sense of perception
to detect most secret passages automatically in dungeons.

Agility – Thieves can avoid projectiles with greater ease and are typically
very difficult to strike. A thief can also travel far greater distances
in a single day. Thieves begin combat rounds at greater distances from
the enemy and will often have extra combat rounds.

Backstab – The first attack of a thief will incur in excess of double the
usual damage due to the backstab ability.

Steal – Thieves can steal gold from castle treasuries. The amount they are
capable of stealing is (level^2)*20 but if funds are insufficient or if
the guards are particularly alert then they will be caught.

Class : WIZARD

Best Weapon : Mace Best Projectile : Sling
Best Armour : Hardened Leather Best Shield : Wooden

Moves Per Day : standard

Special Abilities –

Magic – Wizards are masters of magic and can cast many powerful spells. A
high level wizard is a very powerful adversary! The ability to heal makes
a wizard difficult to defeat.

Class : RANGER

Best Weapon : Two-Handed Sword Best Projectile : Crossbow
Best Armour : Full Plate Best Shield : Dragon

Moves Per Day : standard

Special Abilities –

Non-offensive magic – Rangers have mastered some non-offensive spells to
assist them in their adventures.

Level and Experience

Experience is accumulated by killing monsters that threaten thee or through army battles. Thy level will be promoted automatically when thy experience is sufficient. However, once level eight is reached, further advancement will only be granted after completion of a special mission.