Service Status

All services are running as normal.

IPv4 access was restored from provider.

IPv6 access is now restored for Telnet, SSH (BBS and File Areas), and BinkP.

There is currently no major planned downtime.

Project Description

The World Of Ambroshia

* 10 Player Races w/ DUEL RACE OPTIONS
* 10 Character Classes w/ DUEL CLASS OPTIONS
* 5 Profession Guilds!
* 32bit DLL! For great multi-user gaming!
* Linux/BSD Port Available!
* DOOR32 Support!
* Written in C++ for the fastest gameplay possible!
* Inspired by LORD, Usurper, Exitilus, and KNK!
* Embark on user created Quests!
* Magic and steel go hand in hand
* Global In-Game TELEGRAMS!
* Global Chat Room
* Create your own Kingdom and maintain it, from the tax rate to the building of a great military..
* New Kingdom Diplomacy and Trading!
* Enjoy NEW marriage system and kids!
* 2 types of Leveling..Experience and Profession level up’s “ala Exitilus”
* Hire Door Guards to protect you in the Inn..
* Acquire land for the growth of your kingdom..
* Recruit civilians for a militia to help you usurp the throne!
* Use your leadership and treasury to boost civilian approval!
* Annihilate your foe’s financial investments and bank account..
* Great kingdom warfare with cannons, catapults and dragon riders!
* Over 1000 monsters/creatures to fight against in varying environments including forests, mountains, sea battles, and dungeons…
* Over 300 different types of armor/helmets/shields etc
* Over 120 different types of weapons varying in quality and strength!
* Over 100 different spell types for spell casters to learn..
* Unlimited amounts of money can now be held, and with that there is weapons that cost $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and more!!!!
* Challenge your fellow companions in the great Ambroshia Arena where onlookers decide your fate! Your past evil and good deeds could save your life or end it…
* And More!

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