Kaba Keycard LRC

August 24th, 2012|How To|

When creating a keycard with a Kaba mag key writer with a PMS (Property Management System) or other software you need to calculate the LRC byte of the entire string. There are some examples from

Automatic Rift Scratch Off

July 23rd, 2012|General|

Rift (http://www.riftgame.com) is an MMO that is fairly dynamic. I play every now and then, and I have an Android phone. Trion offers a neat mobile application that allows you to talk to your guild,

Sprint Hotspot Android Wireless GPS

July 12th, 2012|Code|

I've been working on a small project lately to use my Sprint 3G/4G mobile hotspot as an external GPS for my Android tablet. I have a Transformer Prime, and as many people know already, it

Android Active Directory Management

May 20th, 2012|Code|

Presenting, ActiveDiroid: Android App: ActiveDiroid on Android Market Download: PHP Gateway Application Script. After extracting the files to the webserver you want to run the application on, you may rename the server.php file to anything

Sexy and Useful Android Tablet Apps

February 4th, 2012|General|

Was playing with the tablet and decided to take some screen shots of the best looking, and most useful (to me) apps. The best looking VLC remote control application for Android. This allows you to

Running Skyrim in Linux with WINE

January 31st, 2012|How To|

A few days ago my cousin asked me to try and get Skyrim running for him on his Linux install using WINE. I have previously gotten RIFT working on my Linux system flawlessly using WINE.

Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G

December 20th, 2011|How To|

I have acquired one of these devices for work purposes to replace my air card for remote work. The device is a 3G/4G access point router to the WWAN. During setup it mentioned a GPS

December Arch Desktop

December 15th, 2011|General|

Just screen shots of my current Arch Linux desktop.

Google Voice using Asterisk

December 5th, 2011|General|

You will need a Google voice account to do this. You can get one for free by having a normal Google account, and visiting the Google Voice page. The top most portion of this page:

Linux and Solid State Drives (SSD)

December 1st, 2011|Code|

I started using a 120GB SSD myself recently on my desktop. Running ArchLinux. Just a few sites to help out anyone doing the same. http://cptl.org/wp/index.php/2010/03/30/tuning-solid-state-drives-in-linux/ https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSD#Tips_for_Maximizing_SSD_Performance

Elastix 2.2.0 Stable Release

November 29th, 2011|General|

Elastix 2.2.0 Stable was released. I didn't think much of it until I saw the new interface. Along with a new interface, included are: Kernel Linux(x86_64)-2.6.18-238.12.1.el5 Elastix elastix-2.2.0-14 elastix-firstboot-2.2.0-5 elastix-pbx-2.2.0-14 elastix-email_admin-2.2.0-9 elastix-reports-2.2.0-6 elastix-asterisk-sounds-1.2.3-1 elastix-system-2.2.0-14 elastix-my_extension-2.2.0-5

Playing RIFT on WINE Crashing Problems

November 4th, 2011|General|

A few patches ago, Rift started becoming very unstable for me while playing in Wine. My current setup, as the post two below this one states, I'm in Archlinux have Wine setup latest version, and