Using GMail as SMTP Client

July 18th, 2013|General|

I have had some problems recently adding another email account that I own to my gmail account as a 'send as' account. I have the option of using GMail SMTP servers but it adds the

ArchLinux on OVH Dedicated Server

July 12th, 2013|General|

OVH offers (at the moment) two ArchLinux distributions. One is not working as of this writting and the other is fairly old, and has a mix of initd and systemd parts. The partition wizard for


July 3rd, 2013|General|

I would like to thank all those who have donated in the past and all that provided their bug reports and help. Sadly I am playing Rift much less and working much more. I do

Apache, PHP, suPHP Problems

June 5th, 2013|General|

Last night if you tried visiting you might have gotten some errors on the site. I upgraded the servers which included a slightly newer version of PHP, Apache, and suPHP. Everything upgraded fine but websites

RIPScrip Enabled on Archaic Binary

June 3rd, 2013|BBS Info|

I have enabled RIPScrip support on the BBS. Although most will never use it, it's nice to have the option. Currently all menus are stock, but the mouse does work. There are some small issues

Google Voice, Asterisk, Motif

May 29th, 2013|General|

I had some free time after a business trip to test out the motif channel driver which although not a new concept is supposed to work much better with the Google Voice/Talk Jabber/XMPP protocols. My

Running BBS in DOSBox

May 19th, 2013|BBS Info|

During all of my testing running a full BBS inside DOSBox I have had to test many different compilations. Take note that I am running virtual modem software that adds virtual modems to Windows and

Google Voice forward to Asterisk PBX

April 2nd, 2013|How To|

I recently started at a new place of employment and wanted to port my cell number over from Sprint which my old employer used. This was okay with them so I ended up porting the

How to Setup Postfix

March 1st, 2013|How To|

I sold the PowerEdge 2950 server tonight, been trying for a while. Hope you enjoy the server as much as I did man! But he asked a question that I'm sure a few other people

Winamp Scripting Support

February 8th, 2013|Code|

I've been using this code to control Winamp in the Carputer setups. Thought it might help some others who have not found this site yet. Just a Winamp plugin that allows you to control

Archaic Binary BBS

January 14th, 2013|BBS Info|

Still up and running! Just a status report. Moved both servers (all nodes) to use NFS instead of Samba mapped drive in Windows 2000. Moved entire database and files to NAS. I'll be looking for

NOVO7 Fire Android Tablet

December 4th, 2012|General|

Back on November 9th, 2012 I placed an order for two Ainol-Novo 7 Fire 7" tablets. The tablets arrived from China yesterday (December 3rd, 2012). The shipping was actually very fast, shipped out on Saturday