Cisco 7965 VoIP Phone with

August 4th, 2016|How To|

First you will need the SIP firmware for the phone, as they are supplied with SCCP firmware. You can download a package I have built here. You can also download the latest version from the

Sonerezh Album Covers

January 15th, 2016|How To|

Sonerezh is a self-hosted music streaming platform that is still fairly young. It works very well, until I recently updated to PHP7. I had to manually update the CakePHP libraries that came with it to fails with error

January 14th, 2016|General|

If your running or trying to run the client and getting the error "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows"." then check your WINE

ArchLinux + Cinnamon + More

January 13th, 2016|How To|

Single Encrypted SSD Install ' Create a boot partition (sda1) (set boot flag) 100MB, data partition (sda2). $ gdisk /dev/sda $ mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda1 ' Encryption stuff $ cryptsetup -y -v luksFormat /dev/sda2 $

Routing Issues

October 4th, 2015|BBS Info|

Looks like my host is having some routing issues with the IP block that is dedicated to the BBS server. I have tickets in and hopefully will be solved soon. Not everyone may be affected,

C# DOOR32.SYS BBSLink Client

March 6th, 2015|BBS Info|

If you have heard of or came across and wanted to add the services door games to your BBS but find that they only offer a javascript file for Synchronet BBSes then this might

Updated BBS Connection Page

March 4th, 2015|BBS Info|

I have removed the flash versions of the telnet client on the website and replaced with an HTML5 HTTPS Websockets only applet. All connections to the BBS from this website are 100% encrypted. Downloading and

Updating Kolab 3.1 or 3.2 to 3.3

December 27th, 2014|How To|

I have recently updated my Kolab Groupware install from version 3.2 to version 3.3, there are not a ton of new features but I wanted to see if this would be a huge process or

BBS Update

November 25th, 2014|General|

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I now have some more free time and will be adding more IGMs to the LORD game and doing more stuff to the BBS. I

Reddit Posts on Archaic Binary BBS

June 17th, 2014|Code|

I have been asked on the BBS how I pulled reddit links into the BBS for callers to see. As you might know, I have been using RMLib to make some simple door utilities with

Outlook Error: There was an error…

June 13th, 2014|General|

"There was an error when printing started" Had this obscure error come up at work today on a Windows 7 machine running Outlook 2010. Only a specific email would not print. Went through some google

Windows 8.1 KB2919355 Failed

June 7th, 2014|General|

I got an error installing KB2919355 on a Windows 8.1 Pro clean install. Most people can fix this error by doing the following in the console: First 64bit: DISM /online /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_KB2919355~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ 32bit: DISM /online