Hacking Barracuda Spyware Firewall

January 30th, 2008|How To|

This is not an article on how to hack into this unit remotely. This will probably void any warranty, or contracts that you hold with Barracuda. The unit I worked on was dead, not physically,

ActiveSync on a T-Mobile MDA

January 29th, 2008|General|

Before we begin, make sure the phone has a data plan activated and that you can browse the internet using Internet Explorer on the phone. If your Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server is using Forms Based

Symposium Call Center Server with IE 7

January 24th, 2008|How To|

Today at work, we forced out a load of Windows Updates to the clients. Of the updates was Internet Explorer 7. Around, 4:00 today, people started to complain that they could not open the Symposium

Airsnort in Windows XP

January 24th, 2008|General|

I have seen lots of sites around the internet that tell people that it is possible to run Airsnort in a Windows enviroment. If you don't know, Airsnort is a wireless network sniffer. It can

Installing Joomla! Permissions

January 24th, 2008|General|

I am writing this to help others that have *NIX permission problems using Joomla! on some web hosting providers. The scenario: 1) You have an account on a shared server. 2) You can FTP to

VIA EPIA COM2 Not Working

January 23rd, 2008|General|

I was setting up the OBD2 reader on my Carputer and when I attached the serial header to the motherboard to make COM2 (Second Serial Port) that is internal active, I could not send any

m0n0wall on an Watchguard Firebox III

January 21st, 2008|How To|

Most of the setup is similar to the Watchguard Firebox II except some hardware differences. The PCI slot is on its side, you will have to raise the board out of the case to perform

m0nowall on Watchguard Firebox II

January 20th, 2008|How To|

At work today, I got my hands on a old Watchguard Firebox II firewall device. I have always hated the Windows program needed to configure the boxes, and even how they run. I found this

Computer Name Serial Number VBS Script

March 7th, 2007|How To|

This is a small VBS script file that will when ran, gets the serial number from the computers WMI host, which gets it from the BIOS, and then renames the computer to this. The main

Hacking Wyse 9150SE Thin Client

February 22nd, 2007|General|

I have aquired an Wyse 9150SE Windows XPe (Embedded) Thin Client device, and we all know that XPe is poopy and disgusting. So we are going to try and put our own OS on this

‘The Raven’ Mockup

November 8th, 2006|General|

This is quite common on the internet, I just thought I would post this here. Once upon a midnight dreary, while i pr0n surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of