JoyCon 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

May 13th, 2010|Carputer|

Connecting a JoyCon to the radio harness on my car and reading through all the available material that I could find, I kept running into some problems with 12v going into the JoyCon instead of

They blowed it up!

May 7th, 2010|General|

You know your development team has memory leaks when you get this, and even after repeated attempts to make them fix the problem, they just keep ignoring you. Therefor, I hope they lost data when

Little delay

May 6th, 2010|Carputer|

Well the LCD screen looked great in the car, but had some defect from what ByByte was telling me after I shipped it back a few days ago when it would not turn on from

Control Winamp 2.X in VB6

April 24th, 2010|Code|

Attached in a simple VB6 module that will help you control an running Winamp instance. I lost this awhile back, and could not find a module that came close to the features that this one

Lilliput Wiring Diagrams

April 23rd, 2010|Carputer|

Any information you would ever need on the Lilliput Touchscreen Monitors: I snipped off the connection ends on my Lilliput 619 Touchscreen. Connecting the wires back up and found out that it did not

Strange spiking O2 graph

April 4th, 2010|General|

Lately while scanning the GTP I have been noticing the O2 graph becoming erratic, sometimes hitting 0 and staying for a while, and then sometimes pegging up and down constantly. Since the O2 sensors help

Document Processing Source Code

April 2nd, 2010|Code|

This is the PHP console program service that Anthony and I programmed at work. We got the owner of the company to sign off a release form finally making the code available under the GPL.

There are two things

April 1st, 2010|General|

There are two things that I am really fucking tired of seeing. First thing, companies marketing 'supercharged' servers or computers. Look, until that fucker comes with pulleys, belts and a fucking Eaton or Whipple Supercharger

Another rigged thin client

March 25th, 2010|General|

Found another Neoware Thin Client at work here that has the embedded 32MB DOC (Disk on Chip) Windows CE type Operating System. Like the first one that Anthony and I rigged, I had to ghetto

You want more?!

March 24th, 2010|General|

Awhile back, (awhile being a few years now) Anthony and I wrote a document processing system in PHP for the company. It takes in XML data and merges this with OpenOffice documents as templates to

Looking through scripts

March 23rd, 2010|Code|

Every now and then at work I have to dig through a few scripts to find some off the wall command that is run at a specific time, and to run it manually. Today I

Verizon / Pantech UM150 Driver

March 20th, 2010|General|

Seems a lot of people were happy when I posted the Pantech UM175 driver on the website because of Verizon's mindset. Well I was setting up another card yesterday afternoon and this was a UM150.