Kill all processes not root or daemon

June 22nd, 2010|Code|

for p in $(ps -ef|tail +2|grep -v root|grep -v daemon|awk '{print $2}'); do kill -1 ${p} done Drop in a KSH script and run anytime you want to send a kill -1 to all processes

Close Application VB6 Module

June 21st, 2010|Code|

Simple module for your VB6 projects. This will gracefully close any application you specify. Close Application VB6 Module

Kill Process VB6 Module

June 20th, 2010|Code|

Simple module that adds function: killprocess("name.exe") KillProc VB6 Module

Find the CRC of OBDII Packet VB6

June 19th, 2010|Code|

Function FindCRC(Value) Dim val(5) As Byte value1 = Left(Value, 2) value2 = Mid(Value, 4, 2) value3 = Mid(Value, 7, 2) value4 = Mid(Value, 10, 2) value5 = Right(Value, 2) val(1) = "&H" & value1 val(2)

Calculate the OBD CRC Packet VB6

June 19th, 2010|Code|

Function CalcCRC(s() As Byte) As Byte checksum = 0 crcreg = 255 length = UBound(s) - LBound(s) For i = 1 To length bitpoint = 128 x = s(i) For k = 0 To 7

VB6 Volume Controls Module

June 19th, 2010|Code|

Simple module I use in the front-end interface program to control volume. Provides functions: GetVolume() SetVolume() GetMute() SetMute() Controls the master volume in Windows 2000, XP. VB6 Volume Control Mixer


June 15th, 2010|General|

Alright, up front I am not a Apple guy I do not use Mac systems. But this is about tech support not about me. Recently at work one of the newer executives purchased a mac

Interface Screens

June 14th, 2010|Carputer|

Main Screen: The -1 on each side is because there is no current song playing, the numbers would represent played and total song lengths. Navigation Screen: I need to work on skinning MapMonkey. Diag Screen:

New Carputer Photos

June 11th, 2010|Carputer|

Newest photos from the completed install, running my latest front end. Touch Screen. Computer.

Android Notifier

June 9th, 2010|Code|

Simple Windows program I created really quick in VB6 that will accept simple messages from the Android running the 'android-notifier' application. Since the author has not written a Windows application yet, I made this small

Carputer Photos

June 1st, 2010|Carputer|

A few photos of the completed install. In-Dash Touch Screen

Car Computer v2 Complete

May 22nd, 2010|Carputer|

2x16 Serial LCD Screen; Matrix Orbital - Connected via Serial to COM1, LCD is powered through a custom cable I rigged to draw power from a USB port. Uses the 5v USB rail. Touchscreen with