I have acquired one of these devices for work purposes to replace my air card for remote work. The device is a 3G/4G access point router to the WWAN.

During setup it mentioned a GPS unit, and wanting to learn more about this tried to find out how I could use this as a wireless GPS unit to some mapping software.

The device will install some NMEA ports if you plug it into a Windows machine and let it install some drivers, but I was not able to find out if you could use it wirelessly using this method.

Instead I ran a nmap scan against it and found TCP port 5502 open on the device. Then connect using telnet to that port, found raw NMEA data being streamed real time. After this it was easy, just have a virtual COM port to IP software connect to the device on port 5502.

After the serial port was created, I tried some basic NMEA tools and they seem to work. There are many free and commerical Serial to IP software packages. Combine that with some mapping software that will read from a standard NMEA port and your good to go.