So you have your Asterisk / Asterisk@Home server setup and running, and now you wish to receive calls from the outside world (PSTN or Public Service Telephone Network).

I will try to make this page as easy to use as possible, walking through each of the steps. My setup includes Asterisk@Home 2.8 with freePBX web interface version 2.0.1, and Asterisk version

First you need to signup with TelaSIP. I recommend the Plus or Premium Plans.

In the web interface click on FreePBX Administration.

Enter the username and password, the username is maint, and you should already know your password here. On the next page, click on Setup at the top.

Then on the left, click on Trunks.

In the content pane, click on SIP because we want to add a SIP trunk.

Now we have to fill out some information, this information works for me, and hopefully, will work for you too. Please note that the information in italics needs to be replaced with the information you got from TelaSIP. Information in bold and italics is your choice.

Outbound Caller ID: “yourname” your phone number
Maximum Channels: 2
Dial Rules: 1|NXXNXXXXXX
Trunk Name: telasip-gw

PEER Details:


Incoming Settings: All Blank

Registration String:

Once you are done, click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page. Once you are done, click on Outbound Routes on the left.

Fill out the following information,

Route Name: Outgoing
Emergency Dialing: Checked

Dial Patterns


Trunk Sequence: SIP/telasip-gw for the first.

Then click on Submit Changes. You can now make calls on your Asterisk server, lets continue so you can receive calls.

On your left click, Inbound Routes.

Then fill out some information:

DID Number: your phone number from telasip
Destination: Wherever you want your call placed, from TelaSIP.

Click on Submit, and at the top of the page, click the red bar to reload Asterisk with your new settings. You may need to wait a few hours if you just created your TelaSIP account, so the phone number becomes active.