Just some notes for myself.

Install of Arch Linux with XFCE4 desktop environment.

Console / Core Stuff
pacman -S sudo gamin alsa-lib alsa-utils acpid dbus openssh gcc make patch zip unzip unrar pkg-config net-tools inetutils fuse dhclient gptfdisk

pacman -R dhcpcd

Edit: /etc/rc.conf
DAEMONS=(syslog-ng acpid dbus @network @crond)

Edit: /etc/rc.d/network
Change entries from dhcpcd to dhclient

X.org Group
pacman -S xorg

Video Drivers
pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils

Will conflict, remove conflict packages.

XFCE4 Group
pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-taskmanager

Utilities / Programs
pacman -S medit xarchiver chromium gnome-keyring gnome-disk-utility gvfs gvfs-smb libreoffice mesa mesa-demos ristretto thunar-volman ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation gnome-icon-theme-extras remmina remmina-plugins pidgin mpd sonata evince

AUR: freetype2-ubuntu fontconfig-ubuntu libxft-ubuntu cairo-ubuntu

Manual install Ubuntu Fonts:

Manual install Windows Fonts:
Copy specific fonts from Windows XP/7 install

pacman -S flashplugin wine wine_gecko winetricks zenity lib32-mpg123 gimp xscreensaver

/etc/fuse.conf: mount_max = 1000 & user_allow_other
Add user, groups: disk lp wheel games dbus network video audio optical floppy storage power users
Logout, login new user
Edit .xinitrc file: exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch startxfce4

Keyboard Application Shortcuts:
AudioMute -> amixer set Master toggle
AudioLowerVolume -> amixer set PCM playback 5%-
AudioRaiseVolume -> amixer set PCM playback 5%+

Wine Registry:
Settings are for playing Rift Only!
HKEYCU -> Software -> Wine -> Direct3D
:: DirectDrawRenderer: opengl
:: Multisampling: enabled
:: OffscreenRenderingMode: fbo
:: UseGLSL: enabled
:: VertexShaderMode: hardware
:: VideoMemorySize: 1024
:: StrictDrawOrdering: enabled
:: VideoPciDeviceID: (DWORD Hex) e22
:: VideoPciVendorID: (DWORD Hex) 10de

Wine Settings:
Emulate a virtal desktop
Desktop size: 1680×1050

*msvcr90 (native)
d3dx9_43 (builtin, native)