Creating a PPTP VPN Server on your DDWRT enabled/hacked router might not work for you. This is usually because GRE is blocked although the TCP port for PPTP is enabled.

You need to run some custom commands on the router at each boot to allow the GRE traffic.

Under Administration -> Commands

/sbin/insmod nf_conntrack_proto_gre
/sbin/insmod nf_conntrack_pptp
/sbin/insmod nf_nat_proto_gre
/sbin/insmod nf_nat_pptp

Add that to a startup/boot script. Save.

Found the information at http://www.jcsilva.com/2011/01/09/issues-with-dd-wrt-gre-forwarding-pptp/

They have two extra lines, but they were not needed on my setup.

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Android Tips, Commands, Modifications

[mod][root][needs init.d enabled kernel]
Change Hostname:

$ su
# vi /system/etc/init.d/99hostname

Type in

setprop net.hostname tablethostname

Save the file, reboot.

Change System DNS Servers:

$ su
# vi /system/etc/resolv.conf

If the file does not exist or is empty, just create it.

Type in


Those are google DNS servers, or specify your own.
Save file, possibly reboot tablet.

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Using Fail2Ban + Postfix Fight SPAM

Using the following to prevent multiple connections to Postfix SMTP server from spam connections.


enabled  = true
filter   = spam
action   = iptables[name=spam, port=smtp, protocol=tcp]
           sendmail-whois[name=SPAM, dest=email@address]
logpath  = /var/log/mail.log
maxretry = 2


failregex = reject: RCPT from (.*)\[\]: 55\d
ignoreregex =

Found a good example here: http://blog.dp.cx/25/postfix-fail2ban-win/

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Maintain SSH Tunnel Linux & Windows

“With SSH an encrypted tunnel through an open port in the private network’s firewall can be established. This tunnel forwards network traffic from a specified local port to a port on the remote machine, securely.”

Just a reference to help some others. Create a persistant port forwarding tunnel between a Linux (server) machine and a Windows (server) machine.

Full site here, lots of information: http://pdw.weinstein.org/2011/07/establish-and-maintain-an-ssh-tunnel-between-linux-and-windows.html.

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