Little delay

Well the LCD screen looked great in the car, but had some defect from what ByByte was telling me after I shipped it back a few days ago when it would not turn on from the wall adapter. Wrote me an email late last night saying that they shipped me out a new (or repaired with new LCD screen) one. Hopefully will be here shortly, I hate USPS with burning passion though.

ByByte is recommending via their website that I use the small DC regulator that came with the screen to connect to the car itself. Not sure I am going to keep it that way, but I have no choice at the moment. I might pickup a 12v DC-DC power supply that takes in a 12v lead to power on and off the screen and regulate the spikes and dips in voltage. I don’t trust the little LCD power egg to handle it, though this version looks much better then the old LCD power egg that I never used.

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Lilliput Wiring Diagrams

Any information you would ever need on the Lilliput Touchscreen Monitors:

I snipped off the connection ends on my Lilliput 619 Touchscreen. Connecting the wires back up and found out that it did not work, since the connector changes the wires internally.

The information I needed was:
* Connect Orange to Blue, and Blue to Orange.
* Connect Brown to Purple, and Purple to Brown.
* Green and ground are correct.
* All touch wires are also correct.

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Car Computer with iPhone / iPod

Okay, so this morning I decided that I will go ahead and read through some of the new happenings over at and such, see what people are talking about and some new ideas. Yet after going through the articles on the front page, there are no new ideas just a large compilation of articles on commercial products and features and how to connect your iPhone / iPOD to your vehicle or even to your custom carputer.

Honestly, what is the point of connecting your iPhone or iPOD to your carputer if you want to play music? Did you spend time and money creating a unique system for your vehicle and didn’t think of a way to play music from it? Could you not find a way to connect OBDII to your carputer, and instead need your iPhone to do it for you? Simple maps and GPS on your iPhone instead of your carputer?

Really, what the fuck people? If you wanted all that, don’t even install a custom computer in your car, just use your iPOD / iPhone in your car with the cables to connect to the head unit. I am not angry about using your iPhone instead of a full fledged computer system, yes it’s smaller and easier and quicker to install. But why would you install the computer and then use the iPhone to fill in the gaps you never figured out or put enough time and thought into to make the computer do the work instead of more and more devices.

Some articles on the front page are even talking about the death of the carputer and migration to the iPhone. Fuck. That. Some people do not want your fucking shitty iPhone. I hate phones, I hate them with a passion. I would never get an iPhone, to use as a phone or a ‘replacement’ for my carputer when my carputer is completely free, open source, I can configure it to do anything, work anywhere, and not need special programs or unlocking hacks and such. I want a reasonable sized LCD touch screen monitor that I don’t -need- to look at while driving to know where to press to change music and play lists. I want one device to do everything in a simple manor without going from screen to screen. I want an -integrated- computer in the vehicle to make a complete feeling!

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