Interface Screens

Main Screen:

The -1 on each side is because there is no current song playing, the numbers would represent played and total song lengths.

Navigation Screen:

I need to work on skinning MapMonkey.

Diag Screen:

Car was not running for these, so the navigation and the diag information is incorrect in the shots.

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Car Computer v2 Complete

2×16 Serial LCD Screen; Matrix Orbital
– Connected via Serial to COM1, LCD is powered through a custom cable I rigged to draw power from a USB port. Uses the 5v USB rail.

Touchscreen with frame for specific vehicles; ByByte
– Bybyte Double Din, LCD Touch Screen Combo, 99-3527LCD. Uses a lilliput touchscreen. Had a few issues with a defective screen but talked to their tech support, did a few things, sent some photos and got back with me very quick, had shipping return and send a new one. Great service guys!

Steering Wheel Controls; JoyCon
– The JoyCon takes in variable resistance controllers (steering wheel buttons among them) and allows you to assign keystrokes/actions with the USB controller. Simple interface, and the software does not need to be kept running. USB device acts as keyboard and HID controller.

Keyboard – I don’t have the link for this, It was used in my car computer project from the start in the Malibu, and then to the GTP and still using it. Just a mini PS2 keyboard, hidden in the console. No real need during daily use.

Computer Case / Motherboard
– VoomPC2 Car Computer Case, with Motherboard Combo. If the link does not work, try and browse around.

Navigation Software
– MapMonkey frontend to Destinator. Allows me to embed the software into my custom interface as well through a simple API.

– If you don’t know what this is well, I can’t help you.

– Allow Systemwide HotKeys to control Winamp. I then assign the HotKeys to the JoyCon.

– Small utility to dim the screen. Assigned to a steering wheel button as well. I don’t have the website for this program, found it a long time ago. Uploaded to my site.

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JoyCon 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Connecting a JoyCon to the radio harness on my car and reading through all the available material that I could find, I kept running into some problems with 12v going into the JoyCon instead of measuring the resistance. Here is how I connected my JoyCon EX to my steering wheel controls on the factory radio harness.

GM24 Radio ConnectorRemember, this connector is viewed from the pin side, not the wire side.

Connect the DATA (white) wire from the JoyCon into pin A6 and then the GND (black) wire from the JoyCon into pin A7.

JoyCon ConnectedMight be a little hard to see, but the yellow wire in my harness is connected to the white data wire, and my orange wire from the harness is connected to the ground of the JoyCon.

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