Information, Updates, and Communications about Archaic Binary BBS.

Social Media Cleanup

Discord and Minds integration was cleaned up. The URL was removed from both. Discord seems more “spammy” with the links, and Minds has globally blacklisted the google shorting URL service (the shorting URL I use to point back to Archaic Binary).

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File Functions Fixed

Working with another BBS user we found file uploads to Archaic Binary not working, once that was fixed they were very slow. After much testing I have decided to remove file upload functions inside of the BBS and direct everyone to use the SFTP server to upload files. The upload file protocols I have tried either fail, go extremely slow, or work with only a subset of the telnet clients I have tested with.

Downloads are still working fine and will continue.

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Social Media Connections

I am now broadcasting to five social media networks when users play the games or post messages. I want to allow users to use the social media network of their choice and still be able to receive the notifications from the BBS.

We are currently automatically sending to:


I’m sure more will be added in the future.

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