Some people have contacted me asking if I can help them get their JoyCon EX working with their GM car. Although I do not know how to do this on all cars, this is what I did to figure out how to get it working in my 2004 Grand Prix GTP.

1. Go to:

2. Choose SWI-X and at the bottom choose NO Non-Pioneer / Rockford.

3. Choose your vehicle make from the drop down at the bottom of the page and click “Search Vehicles”

On the next page, click your vehicle model in the list.

Most cars have a small image of the harness connector that used to go into the radio. Below this look for a statement that resembles the following:

Connect the SWI-X ‘s Green wire to Pin A7 (Blue or Green) of the above connector. Connect Pin A6 (Pink or Violet) to Accessory +12V.

Reading this, I would then plug the black wire from the JoyCon EX into A7 and the white wire from the JoyCon EX into the A6.

Some sites tell you to apply +12V to the A6. In the case of our JoyCon this is not correct. We are measuring resistance to voltage supplied BY THE JOYCON not from the car.

Hope this helps others.