2×16 Serial LCD Screen; Matrix Orbital
– Connected via Serial to COM1, LCD is powered through a custom cable I rigged to draw power from a USB port. Uses the 5v USB rail.

Touchscreen with frame for specific vehicles; ByByte
– Bybyte Double Din, LCD Touch Screen Combo, 99-3527LCD. Uses a lilliput touchscreen. Had a few issues with a defective screen but talked to their tech support, did a few things, sent some photos and got back with me very quick, had shipping return and send a new one. Great service guys!

Steering Wheel Controls; JoyCon
– The JoyCon takes in variable resistance controllers (steering wheel buttons among them) and allows you to assign keystrokes/actions with the USB controller. Simple interface, and the software does not need to be kept running. USB device acts as keyboard and HID controller.

Keyboard – I don’t have the link for this, It was used in my car computer project from the start in the Malibu, and then to the GTP and still using it. Just a mini PS2 keyboard, hidden in the console. No real need during daily use.

Computer Case / Motherboard
– VoomPC2 Car Computer Case, with Motherboard Combo. If the link does not work, try www.mini-box.com and browse around.

Navigation Software
– MapMonkey frontend to Destinator. Allows me to embed the software into my custom interface as well through a simple API.

– If you don’t know what this is well, I can’t help you.

– Allow Systemwide HotKeys to control Winamp. I then assign the HotKeys to the JoyCon.

– Small utility to dim the screen. Assigned to a steering wheel button as well. I don’t have the website for this program, found it a long time ago. Uploaded to my site.