Multiple Connection Methods

IRC Server Information

  • Address ( [6697] TLS-SSL Only!

  • Join #general in your client. This channel is linked to our Discord server.

External Services / Messaging / Status

  • HTTP File Transfer (Archaic.Link) [Encrypted Connection]

  • Discord [Encrypted Connection]

  • Facebook [Encrypted Connection]

  • [Encrypted Connection]

  • [Encrypted Connection]

  • Reddit (Reddit Reader) [Encrypted Connection]

  • Twitter [Encrypted Connection]

  • BBSLink Public Shared Wall (Oneliners)

  • Lots of Custom API Managed Programs/Doors

Game Networks

  • BBSLink Gaming Network

  • Door Party [Encrypted Connection]

  • Valhalla Trade Wars Server

  • Black Country Rock Server

  • CombatNET Gaming Server

  • Exodus Games Server [Encrypted Connection]

Two Factor Authentication

  • Use Authy, Google Authenticator, or any other compatible app.

Easy Download Protocols

  • HTTPS, ZModem, YModem-G

    • Easy click to download or copy/paste URL into browser.

    • No more messy legacy *modem protocols. Extremely fast transfers.

    • ZModem and YModem-G available for expert users.

Privacy Enabled

  • No need for any personal information or even an email address.

Message Networks

  • Local Message Bases

  • Agoranet, Amiganet, CombatNET

  • DOREnet, Fidonet, LinuxNet

  • Micronet, SpookNet, SportNet

RSS Feeds

Recommended Telnet Clients

  • SyncTERM [Download Page] Supports SSH and Telnet. Great colors and ANSI emulation. Portable version available. ZModem downloads over Telnet and SSH.

  • MagiTERM [Download Page] Supports SSH. Great colors and ANSI emulation. ZModem downloads over SSH.

  • NetRUNNER [Download Page] Supports Telnet only (as of this writing) as well as ZModem downloads over Telnet.

  • mTelnet [Download Page] Supports Telnet only (as of this writing) as well as ZModem downloads over Telnet.

Cannot Connect? Connection Issues?

  • Check our blocklists for your IP address: Honey Pot, FireHol_Level3, Sigma Projects

  • Temporary Ban: If your IP address tried connecting too many times (too many sessions) it’s an hour ban.

Videos about Archaic Binary BBS

Door Games Available

Second Contest Started

June 30th, 2018|BBS Info|

Next contest is starting July 1. Points will be awarded by playing games on the BBS. Additional points will be awarded by sending me Archaic Binary BBS related content (Screenshots, Recorded BBS Sessions (youtube and

Ambroshia Reset

June 29th, 2018|BBS Info|

Ambroshia has been force reset. The data files exploded in size and the game would no longer run maintenance or continue its' per day routines. The game was running solid for almost four years without

BBS Changes & Contest Info

May 29th, 2018|BBS Info|

The contest is over and we have a winner. I will be contacting them shortly. I have also made changes to the BBS interface and will be slowly going over and patching up a few

‘The Pit’ fTelnet Problem

May 11th, 2018|BBS Info|

It was reported to me that the door game 'The Pit' has an issue when loaded from the browser/website/WSS/fTelnet. After running for the first time, you will be asked if you can see colors and

Contest Started

April 30th, 2018|BBS Info|

The door games have been reset and the contest is live. Most actions on the BBS will award points. At the end of the month I will contact who won and get an address to

Door Game Resets

April 4th, 2018|BBS Info|

On May 1st I will reset many of the locally ran door games running on Archaic Binary. The following games will be reset: Arrow Bridge Arrow Bridge II Darkness LORD The PIT Usurper The following

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