ArchaicNET Information


You can contact me easily through this website, via the BBS, and Discord (


ArchaicNET is a service you can add to your existing BBS server to provide a gateway to users to download files from a centralized server that multiple BBSes like yours access.


I was thinking of a service I could provide to other Sysops out there that enjoy the hobby of BBSing. There are tons of Oneliner (Wall) networks, and a good handful of Door Game networks. I wanted to provide a service that I have not seen in the BBS scene yet. I am sure somebody has done something like this in the past or might be currently doing something like ArchaicNET. I just have not found it.


You can easily add ArchaicNET to your BBS by following the information below. There are also some specific case scenario examples for BBS software.

I like the details!

Alright. ArchaicNET is a open to use TELNET + RLOGIN server available to BBS operators that will show a list of files available to download as well as options to upload files to the network. Downloads can be performed over the telnet/rlogin session via ZModem/YModem or the user can choose to generate a HTTPS link to download the file directly in their browser. There is also an option to have the link emailed to the address of their choice.

How about Privacy?

When connecting to ArchaicNET you do not need to provide any information about the user connecting.

How about Security?

Rlogin and Telnet are plain-text protocols. If you would like encrypted tunnel access from your server to ArchaicNET just connect to Archaic Binary BBS, verify you are human, and on the menu of options choose “ArchaicNET App” and you can create an SSH tunnel instantly to be used. You can also contact me via this website, the BBS, or Discord. I am able to offer SSH Client-to-Server tunnel access using PLINK on Win32 and built in SSH tools in Linux.

You can request immediate access to ArchaicNET over a SSH tunnel by connecting to on port 8623 or via Archaic Binary BBS on the login menu and choose “ArchaicNET Application”.

Windows pLink (SSH) Access Package this is a small package with some batch files you will need to modify to work on your system. This is for Win32 (or 64bit) users only. Included is the plink.exe binary which you can get from the PuTTY website as well. It will point you in the correct direction to get SSH tunnel access and then Rlogin or Telnet over that tunnel.


  • Add a menu item of type: IT
  • Set the Data Line to read: /

TelnetDoor (Not Recommended)

  • Add TelnetDoor to your system using batch files or how ever you normally add a door.

  • The parameters (or arguments) to TelnetDoor should be: -P8523 -ZANSI-BBS


  • Add whatever item to your BBS that can do an outbound TELNET connection.

  • Type of Connection: TELNET

  • Hostname:
  • TCP Port: 8523