• Large Columns/Rows Support
  • 2FA + Strict Privacy
  • Easy File Transfer Protocols
  • SSH, TOR, Yggdrasil, I2P Enabled
  • BBSLink, Door Party, CombatNET, More...
  • Agoranet, Araknet, Micronet, Spooknet, Others...
Connection Methods
  • Telnet (bbs.archaicbinary.net) [23]
  • SSH (bbs.archaicbinary.net) [22] (SyncTERM)
  • TOR (old: nrzinzk43rx5v4mg.onion)
  • I2P (archaicbinarybbs.i2p)
  • ZeroNET (hash link)
  • Yggdrasil (ygg.archaicbinary.net)
Telnet Clients

Archaic Binary is a (mostly) command line interpreted bulletin board system providing a legacy interface for some useful APIs, Utilities, Files, Message Bases (FTN Style) and access to ANSI/Text Door Games.

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