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Android Global DNS Server (resolv.conf)

Android, being Linux reads the /etc/resolv.conf file if it exists to set DNS servers.

On my devices, /etc links to /system/etc

Here is a link to help set this up.


Maintain SSH Tunnel Linux & Windows

“With SSH an encrypted tunnel through an open port in the private network’s firewall can be established. This tunnel forwards network traffic from a specified local port to a port on the remote machine, securely.”

Just a reference to help some others. Create a persistant port forwarding tunnel between a Linux (server) machine and a Windows (server) machine.

Full site here, lots of information: http://pdw.weinstein.org/2011/07/establish-and-maintain-an-ssh-tunnel-between-linux-and-windows.html.

Mount/Convert BIN-CUE Files Linux

Convert a bin+cue file to ISO in linux using bchunk.

bchunk image.bin image.cue image.iso

Mounting ISO in linux

mount -o loop -t iso9660 image.iso /mnt/image

Just found quickly with a google search and first page: http://goinggnu.wordpress.com/2007/05/08/howto-mount-bincue-files-in-linux/.

December Arch Desktop

Just screen shots of my current Arch Linux desktop.

Linux and Solid State Drives (SSD)

I started using a 120GB SSD myself recently on my desktop. Running ArchLinux.

Just a few sites to help out anyone doing the same.