Control Winamp 2.X in VB6

Attached in a simple VB6 module that will help you control an running Winamp instance. I lost this awhile back, and could not find a module that came close to the features that this one offers. Digging around I found it on an old backup drive and decided to post it here.

Winamp VB6 Module
You will need to change the extension from .txt to .bas and then add it into your project.

Currently I am using this code in my project to control Winamp, along with the Winamp LCD Display Plugin to display information on my 2×16 serial LCD above the DIC. Working great so far, but I need to find some option or other way of telling the plugin to clear the LCD screen when it loads up, since the LCD remembers data sent and does not clear old data, leaving characters where there should be nothing but blank spots.

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Lilliput Wiring Diagrams

Any information you would ever need on the Lilliput Touchscreen Monitors:

I snipped off the connection ends on my Lilliput 619 Touchscreen. Connecting the wires back up and found out that it did not work, since the connector changes the wires internally.

The information I needed was:
* Connect Orange to Blue, and Blue to Orange.
* Connect Brown to Purple, and Purple to Brown.
* Green and ground are correct.
* All touch wires are also correct.

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Strange spiking O2 graph

Lately while scanning the GTP I have been noticing the O2 graph becoming erratic, sometimes hitting 0 and staying for a while, and then sometimes pegging up and down constantly. Since the O2 sensors help with LTFT and STFT I decided to go ahead and change it out. After a few hours of fucking around, I found the correct tool for the job, and it came right off.

Before the O2 sensor change:
Before O2 Change

And then after the change:
After O2 Change

Notice how the line smooths out.

Might need to smooth a few things out in the MAF tune now, not too sure how long things have been like this.

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Document Processing Source Code

This is the PHP console program service that Anthony and I programmed at work. We got the owner of the company to sign off a release form finally making the code available under the GPL.

Please note that this code will probably not work for you as a drop in place system, it will require tweaking, and lots of setup on your part. Please do not ask me for assistance.

Use this code at your own risk. You will need knowledge of Linux, PHP, Shell Scripts, and some common computer programming knowledge.

Folder structure for this program is as follows:
/tmp – Used for temporary storage of files for FDF merge into interactive PDF.
/usr/local/bin – Storage for all scripts this program uses. (dps.php, forge_fdf.php, file2pdf, pollerctl, dps_poller, hud-process.php)
/usr/local/dpsdocs – Root storage for following folders:
dpsdocs/merged – If save mode is on, saves raw ODT and PDF files in named folders.
dpsdocs/failed – Saves documents that failed to merge for some reason.
dpsdocs/monitor – If user chooses fake printer, will save the PDF here, instead of really printing it. Good for NFS/SMB share.
dpsdocs/templates – Live templates that the system pulls.
dpsdocs/test_templates – Test templates that you can SMB/NFS share for users to add tempaltes and you can sync to live later.
dpsdocs/xml_request – Where all the XML files get dumped to from which ever system you have generating them. Good to NFS/SMB share.

Files used and purpose:
dps.php – Main PHP program, does the merging and OOO operations. Takes in the XML as the first parameter and some others. Open file and view for yourself.
dps_poller – The program that loops continuously looking for newly dumped XML files. XML files that have specific printers are SCP’ed over the network to other servers running program so they build and print locally at that location.
file2pdf – This shell script gets called by dps.php and finishes the job, runs pdftk operations, and reads the sorting.txt file to decide where to print.
hud-process.php – Example PHP file that takes in FDF data and merges with specific PDF files. Called from dps.php.
pollerctl – Service script that makes sure the dps_poller is always running and never died for some reason.
tbs_class.php – TinyButStrong PHP class file, called from tbsooo_class.php.
tbsooo_class.php – TinyButStrong OpenOfficeOrg class file, called from dps.php.
zint – Console program that takes in data and creates a barcode. dps.php calls this, and creates a PDF417 barcode.

Document Processing PHP System

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There are two things

There are two things that I am really fucking tired of seeing.

First thing, companies marketing ‘supercharged’ servers or computers. Look, until that fucker comes with pulleys, belts and a fucking Eaton or Whipple Supercharger bolted to the top of it, stop saying that. The server is not supercharged, it’s not faster then the same machine from a different company of the same class setup with the same software and tweaked the same.

Second, I am tired of seeing ‘Green’ server rooms with grass growing under the floor tiles or around the racks. This is a god damn server room, it’s not a sod farm. Wild animals do not roam the server room grazing. (Not counting lost IT personnel in the larger rooms.)

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